Monday, April 30, 2007

Christa Taylor - Defining Modest Fashion

I don't do this often, but am making an exception. What a nice surprise to see all the lovely fashions offered by this company. Check them out! - Donna

Christa Taylor Grand Opening Presents Modesty in a Whole New Light
Spring Collection Provides Young Women with “Modish” Options

Vancouver, WA—Christa Taylor, a new clothing company, has made its message clear. As the visionary designer herself explains: “We are fashions for the Empowered Traditionalist. An Empowered Traditionalist, or ‘ET’, loves her clothes and believes modesty can be stylish and attractive.” Christa Taylor’s Spring Collection proves just that.

The company’s dream grew out of a infuriating, yet all too common experience. As a young lady, Taylor encountered weeks of frustrating shopping trips- trying to find something modest and attractive. Finding a modest bathing suit became a long and arduous affair, searching websites and retail stores to no avail. So she went to the drawing board and designed a new swimsuit that satisfied her desire for modesty and style (she calls it "modish:" a blend of modest + "chic").

Updated frequently, her website demonstrates careful thought, and genuine care for her customers. “Expect new styles, ideas, and superior quality” Taylor affirms, “I am all about creating clothes that flatter real girls, satisfying their needs and building a trust relationship.”

The Christa Taylor team believes no business should exist just to make money. In the midst of an individualistic culture focused primarily on success, power and prestige, they are committed to a greater vision; a vision that presses beyond the tendencies towards self-absorption. With this in mind, and always aware of their own need, they have resolved to contribute at least 30% of their profits to the world’s poor and toward furthering social justice around the globe. Their first project is already under way.

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