Thursday, April 5, 2007

Accused Without Cause

Today I listened to Mark 15. I have Audio Bible bookmarked and love to listen to the Bible while I work.

One verse caught my attention: "And the chief priests accused him of many things: but he answered nothing.” Mark 15:3

Jesus stood before Pilate while the chief priests accused Him of perverting the nation, arousing troublemakers, creating riots and dissension. In addition, they charged Him with forbidding the payment of tribute to Rome, and teaching people to not pay their taxes. Third, and most serious, they charged Him with wanting to be king instead of Caesar. Pilate marveled at the fact that when accused of these crimes, Jesus did not speak up in a defensive manner.

Have you ever been falsely accused? I'm one of five children. When we were little and Mom couldn't get to the bottom of a story, she'd discipline ALL of us. Oh, how exasperating it was to be disciplined for something I didn't do!

To think of Jesus, Who had never sinned, having to endure the mocking and jeering crowd of accusers both amazes me and breaks my heart. He did it for me. He did it for you. Why would He do it? The only possible explanation is His compelling love.

The curse He suffered was not for His own sin, but for ours. Clearly, Pilate thought Jesus to be innocent, undeserving of the death penalty so aggressively sought by the Jewish authorities, but His accusers forced Pilate to make a decision about Jesus.

We must all decide what to do about Jesus. I hope you’ve chosen to accept Him as your King.

Our response to Christ’s suffering on our behalf should be one of gratitude. Only because of His sacrifice do we have hope for eternity.

Jesus' death was followed by His resurrection, ascension, and sending the Holy Spirit. We have the Holy Spirit indwelling us, enabling us to obey Christ and follow Him.

The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me” (Galatians 2:20). Because Jesus gave Himself for me, I want to give my life to Him. How about you?

Oh, and I'm sure you know - sometimes I was the culprit, and my siblings were the exasperated ones!

Prayer: Lord, I thank You for Your sacrifice, and the Holy Spirit, Who helps me live for You. In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen.

*Posted 3-25-05.


  1. Donna,

    I know the feeling...I too am one of five. Only, I was the good one. hehehe And, yes, I hated being punished for something I didn't do. But I got over it. LOL


  2. Now THIS I can relate to. I was number 3 of five girls and it WAS me...just about every time. My sisters like to refer to me as the devil's spawn....

  3. Amazing to see that so many others out there are "one of five!" I also have four siblings & they were (& still are) always the ones in trouble!! HAHAHA I was always "Mommy's good little girl." Now that we are all older, she is realizing that I truly AM the good one...I don't get upset with all the bickering & name-calling. I just let it slide right off & love them even more!
    Jesus gave His life for me - the least I can do is put up with a little family backstabbing. He is sooooo wonderful!!
    And I love Him with all my being!!


  4. It was a joy to discover you today and your blog. :) God bless....


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