Monday, March 26, 2007

Topsy Turvy Tour

Here's a peek at an illustration in Topsy Turvy Tour, a mini-topsy turvy tale written by me, Donna, and illustrated by who else but Kevin Scott Collier! We are pleased to announce the story is featured in a new Children's E-Zine called Stories for Children. You can download it either as a .pdf file OR in a program that opens it up like a magazine right on your computer!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

New Column - NABBW

"This week a celebrity died. She was only 39 years old. I say ‘only' because, as a Boomer Baby, a thirty-something woman seems very young. This celebrity did a whole lotta livin' during her short time on earth, and sad to say, her legacy is already one marked by confusion and vanity.

Vanity could refer to her obsession with her looks, but King David referred to vanity in a different light..."

Click HERE to read this month's devotional on NABBW called "Your Legacy."

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