Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Are You Too BUSY to Say Thanks?

Column on The Dabbling Mum. Click here to read Are You Too BUSY to Say Thanks?

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  1. Donna! I just found your comment on my photography blog ( about the DVD slideshow you received from me. I am so THRILLED you loved it!

  2. Great post! I made sure to remind my kids to say thanks when they were trick-or-treating. My boys are pretty good about that usually, but I just wanted to make sure. When they did, it took some people by surprise, or so it seemed and they smiled and said, "You're so welcome!" I think it makes a huge difference, not just with kids, but with adults too. A lot of people at registers say, "Have a nice day!" as I'm walking away. Sometimes it takes them back when you say, "Thanks, you too." I guess not everyone does that. Anyway, great post, Donna -- thank you!

  3. Rena, that's funny you should comment on that. Saturday night, my neighbor mentioned that children were all being very polite, and I had noticed it, too. Perhaps we are seeing a return to civility and manners. That would be nice! Thanks for reading the column and taking time to comment.


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