Monday, January 15, 2007

Devotionals for BUSY Parents: Promise Keeper

A new column's up on The Dabbling Mum.

"I’m amazed at how little weight we give to truth these days. Have you encountered people who consistently break promises? It’s gotten so we expect the politicians and advertisers to lie, but it’s especially exasperating to have someone tell you he will do something, and then not do it. When asked about it, he shrugs and says something like, “I changed my mind” or “Oops. Forgot about that.” His word means nothing.

Are you a promise keeper? Are you a person who keeps your word? Are you teaching your children to be truthful?"

Click here to read Promise Keepers.

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  1. Love your blog, as always, and enjoyed your article at Dabbling Mum. You go girl!! Keep writing for the King!

    Hugs from a fellow scribe,

  2. I had a wonderful dad. One day, however, when I tripped over the vacuum cleaner, my dad chuckled and called me "Clumsy". ( 11 yr. old girl, clumsy?) He was teasing, but it hit at a sensitive time, I guess, because I still remember the ache it gave me. Our words are, indeed, powerful, and they really can live forever. It's my good fortune to have many positive memories to heavily outweigh the goof-ups. Your "Swearing Off Swearing" says it so well...our words carry the need for great care.

  3. Sending warm and cozy greetings for a beautiful season, filled with His love and joy--now, and all through the New Year.


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