Saturday, February 11, 2006

New Columns and Poetry, too!

  • Click here to read the February column for BUSY Parents on The Dabbling Mum called Agape Love.
  • I started a new poetry blog. I've already had one poem I've posted published in a church newsletter. What a blessing! Here's the link if you'd like to read. Feel free to post comments there just like you do here: Poetry by Donna
  • I also have a column up on NABBW for February called From This Moment. Click here.
  • My column on called Smelly Saints is now one of the All Time Most Popular! Thank you for reading it or click here if you haven't yet.

    I'm pleased to announce my inclusion in the book, Itty Bits of Bliss. Compiled by Christine Tricarico, the book contains 38 fully illustrated fun, whimsical poems to inspire children ages 4-ll. $2.00 per book is being donated to Love Our Children USA in honor of National Child Abuse Prevention Month.

    Here a link to purchase information:

    Itty Bits of Bliss

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  1. I'm inspired by all that you're doing! I just read your article on writing devotionals at the Dabbling Mum, and I'm encouraged to try this out (after I'm convinced I can manage what I have going.)

  2. Donna, THanks for plugging your new column every month on your blog. It's a great way for us to receive more readers. Anyone interested in staying updated can also join the parenting ezine and we'll notify them every month as well. :)

    God bless, your ministry of writing is fabulous and changing lives!



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