Monday, November 14, 2005

Devotional Columns

Click here to read a new column for BUSY Parents on The Dabbling Mum called Give Thanks for Sweet P's.

I also have a column up on NABBW simply called Giving Thanks. Click here.

My column on called Smelly Saints is now one of the All Time Most Popular! Thank you for reading it or click here if you haven't yet. Think it's that catchy name?

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  1. Memorizing scripture with children is a great idea! Wonderful parenting advice, because as you said, what kids learn when they are young is MUCH more likely to stay with them than if they try to memorize it when they are older.
    I think I know what class you were in when you were trying to memorize scriptures.... :)

  2. Hi Donna ~Quick prayer need; hope you don't mind...see my blog and help me encourage Jan. {{{Hugs}}}


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