Tuesday, December 7, 2004

One Hundred Steps

Read an inspirational message, “One Hundred Steps,” at Outside the City Gates’ Voice of Reason on Women with Heart.

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  1. Beautiful! A protein bar image of Band-Aid religion. I love it!

    Doesn't the absence of Christ in Christmas aggravate you? We call the season "The Holidays". Every holiday celebrates SOMEthing; yet we're not allowed, by politically correct standards, to celebrate the Birth of the King of Kings publically. I wish the Christian community would stand up and make our voice heard LOUD and clear. One court case here and another there...that's not the way to fight this injustice. We need to make a very noticeable outcry. Does anyone know HOW to do this? I don't.

    The Constitution guarantees that the government will not interfere with freedom of religion. When and how do we begin to fight the judicial tyrrany that has taken the government away from the people and away from the principles upon which this country was founded?



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